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Example of Unit Testing using C# and Visual Studio

Clone this repository to your local computer : 



Playing with unit tests in a real C# project, it’s very interesting, just creating a new project with the purpose to test your main project. But be careful with all actions you want to test, they must be decoupled and available to be executed outside its class.

This solution has two projects:

  1. Elevator which has the file Elevator.cs and the MainTest.cs

Elevator.cs has a class (Elevator) which controls the max weight allowed inside the elevator and if the user who is inside could go to vip section. And another class Employee which manages the weight and if the employee has permission to vip section.

MainTest.cs is just for execute the project inside a terminal window.

  1. ElevatorPoject.UnitTests is where all unit tests are, inside the file ElevatorTests.cs


Open this project in your Visual Studio and make sure to open the “Tests explore Window” to execute the unit tests (Test > Windows > Tests Explore)

Running the tests

The test project has an archive called ElevatorTests.cs there you can see all the test functions which the Unit Test will execute automated. Check them out and feel free to add, modify and play with it.