About Deeplo AI

Next-generation learning platform where career opportunities are evenly and equally distributed.

Our Story

Deeplo AI was founded in 2019 by two young entreprenuers, Ahmet and Mehmet, in Amsterdam. Both coming from a business and technical background, they realized the challenges of companies when trying to find niche talents in the tech field. Seeing this, they created a platform in 2021, that makes it easier for candidates to find jobs and while also offering a solution to companies for the shortage of skilled tech professionals. From here, Deeplo AI was born.

Shortly after the platform was launched, Deeplo started to expand and acquire program partners, training instructors and participants from all over the world.

Our Values

Our values influence not just what we do at Deeplo AI, but also how we shape the future of our business. Therefore, we are deeply committed to the values below, as well as the United Nations General Assembly’s SDGs (Sustainability Development Goals) 4, 8, 9, 10, and 17.

Equal Opportunities

We believe that learning and job opportunities should be accessible to everyone, regardless of country, socioeconomic status or gender. We are facilitiating this by offering free programs to learners.

Fostering Innovation

We are fostering innovation and new technology by creating a unique approach to finding future niche talents in the tech field.

Lifelong Learning

We believe that continuous learning is not only a preference but also a necessity. Therefore, we are committed to support individuals' learning with quality 24/7 accessible content and resources.

Ethical Responsibility

We are preserving, and even improving, our bottom line while lifting the bar for making a positive contribution to society.

The Founders

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Ahmet Tugrul Karatas


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Mehmet Dogan


We are transforming the way learners find jobs in the tech industry. Join our team and help us make this a reality!