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How it works?

Read below to learn how the job simulations work

Explore the open simulations

Begin your journey with Deeplo AI by exploring the various job simulations available. These simulations represent real-world scenarios and tasks that are pertinent to different roles across industries, such as Cloud Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business Development, or UX Design. Take the time to browse through these simulations to find one that aligns with your skills and career aspirations.

Join the simulation

Once you’ve found a simulation that interests you, take the next step by joining it. This is where you’ll start your application process. By participating in the simulation, you’re not just applying with a resume; you’re demonstrating your capabilities and how you approach real job-related challenges.

Experience the job tasks

Dive into the core of the simulation by engaging with the job tasks. These are designed to mirror the responsibilities you would have if you were hired for the job. Complete each task to the best of your ability, showcasing your skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and relevant technical abilities. Each completed task moves you closer to the goal of proving you’re the right fit for the job.

Excel your application

Excelling in the application means not only completing the tasks but also delivering them with excellence. As you progress, your application is strengthened by each task you perform effectively. Some tasks may involve presenting your solutions or ideas, which is your opportunity to showcase your communication skills and creativity.

Be "The One"

The final step is the goal of every candidate: getting hired. Upon successful completion of the simulation and tasks, your performance is reviewed. If it aligns with the company’s needs and standards, you could be offered the job. This step symbolizes the culmination of your hard work through the simulation process and the beginning of your journey with the company.

Why Should you Join?

Develop and utilise skills that will make you become an employee of choice

Streamlined Application Process

We significantly reduce the time and effort candidates spend on job applications. By integrating simulations directly into the application process, we cut down the traditional steps, like multiple interviews and tests, saving you valuable time.

Stand Out with Your Skills

Instead of just talking about your skills, Deeplo AI lets you demonstrate them in real-world scenarios. This practical showcase can set you apart from other candidates relying solely on resumes and interviews.

Faster, Fairer Hiring Decisions

With job simulations, employers can quickly assess your fit for the role, leading to faster and fairer hiring decisions. This means you spend less time waiting for responses and more time moving forward in your career.


“As a student, I explored the platform by taking on a job simulation. I really enjoyed learning new skills and expanding my skillset through simulated tasks. The variety of learning content has allowed me to envision what my dream profession is and how to get myself ready for it.”

-Dennis Warmelink

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Hear from other candidates

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Jaimelyn Perez

“As a student, I love that I can simultaneously gain new skills and build my portfolio through Deeplo AI. The wide variety of job-focused learning content available on the platform has helped me prepare for my dream job.”


Bo Fierkens

“Working on a project with Deeplo AI gave me the opportunity to show what I was capable of. They gave me all the freedom to make it my own whilst also giving guidance where needed. It was a great experience that will look very good on my CV."

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Tonian Campbell

"Deeplo AI, provided me the opportunity to put my skills into extreme practice. As a Business Student, it was very important for me to experience 'hands-on' tasks to further fill my understanding of my potential future career. The platform allows for seamless guidance and gives you a chance to know how strong your skills are"

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section is intended to address the most common questions you may have about our products, services, and brand as a whole.  

Deeplo AI job simulations are realistic, role-specific tasks co-created with companies to reflect actual job challenges. They are a key part of the application process, allowing you to demonstrate your skills in real-world scenarios relevant to the job you’re applying for.

The duration of each simulation varies but generally ranges from 0.5 to 2 hours. This timeframe is designed to provide a thorough experience without being overly time-consuming.

Most simulations do not require special software or equipment beyond a standard computer with internet access. If any specific requirements are needed for a particular simulation, you will be informed in advance.

Our simulations are designed to be objective and unbiased, focusing solely on your skills and performance. We ensure a level playing field by standardizing tasks and evaluations across all candidates.

Currently, simulations are intended to be single attempts to ensure fairness in the application process. However, feedback is provided to help you learn and improve for future opportunities.

Your performance in the simulations is a critical component of your application. It helps potential employers assess your fit for the role based on practical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Yes, we prioritize your privacy and confidentiality. Your data and performance are securely handled and only shared with potential employers with your explicit consent.

After completing a simulation, your results will be reviewed, and you may receive feedback. If your performance aligns with the employer’s needs, it could lead to further steps in the hiring process, such as a final interview.

Yes, Deeplo AI offers simulations across a wide range of industries and roles. We continuously expand our offerings to include diverse job types and sectors.

To get started, simply sign up on the Deeplo AI platform, select your field of interest, and you can begin engaging with simulations that align with your career goals.

  • Real-World Experience: You gain hands-on experience with tasks that closely resemble real job responsibilities.
  • Direct Exposure to Employers: Your performance can directly showcase your skills to potential employers who have collaborated in designing these simulations.
  • Reduced Candidate Effort: Traditional application methods require about 18 hours per application, including resume preparation and multiple interviews. Deeplo AI cuts this down to approximately 6 hours, a reduction of over 66%.
  • Skill Development: Even if a particular simulation does not result in a job offer, the experience and feedback you receive are valuable for personal and professional development.
  • Fair Evaluation: Simulations provide an objective way for employers to assess your abilities, making the hiring process more merit-based.

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