Real jobs, virtual assessments.
Only way to go beyond CVs.

Experience what it’s like to work at top companies before you apply. Showcase your skills through immersive tasks and assessments, and get hired on the go.

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Featured Job Simulations

Move beyond CVs with job simulations, designed by top companies to replicate real work. Showcase your true skills and fast-track your route to being hire-ready.

Featured Courses

Online courses instructed by industry experts, designed to develop soft & hard skills, train candidates with job-specific competencies.

How does it work?

Companies extend a welcoming hand to aspiring professionals, providing a unique window into their operations and culture through job simulations. In return, candidates demonstrate their dedication by acquiring job-ready skills, showcasing their competencies through simulated assignments, and thereby earning priority in the application process. It’s a more thoughtful approach to job applications, custom-fit to each applicant’s skill set and passions.

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Companies create VXP programs to find job-specific talent

Programs allows you to find out your ideal workplace by replicating and demonstrating day-to-day practices at your dream company.

Learners participate in programs to showcase their skills

Obtain hands-on and cutting-edge professional skills that are not practiced at traditional institutions. Showcase your skills through simulated tasks.

Get discovered by companies

By completing the program, you demonstrate your eagerness to get discovered and increase your chances of being hired.

This is how everybody wins!




What candidates say


Bo Fierkens

“Working on a project with Deeplo AI gave me the opportunity to show what I was capable of. They gave me all the freedom to make it my own whilst also giving guidance where needed. It was a great experience that will look very good on my CV."


Dennis Warmelink

"As a student, I explored the platform by taking on a VXP program. I really enjoyed learning new skills and expanding my skillset through simulated tasks. The variety of learning content has allowed me to see what my dream profession is and how to get myself ready for it."

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Tonian Campbell

"Deeplo AI, provided me the opportunity to put my skills into extreme practice. As a Business Student, it was very important for me to experience 'hands-on' tasks to further fill my understanding of my potential future career. The platform allows for seamless guidance and gives you a chance to know how strong your skills are"

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