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Experience what it’s like to work at top companies before you apply. Showcase your skills through immersive tasks and assessments, and get hired on the go.

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Move beyond CVs with job simulations, designed by top companies to replicate real work. Showcase your true skills and fast-track your route to being hire-ready.

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Online courses instructed by industry experts, designed to develop soft & hard skills, train candidates with job-specific competencies.

How does it work?

Deeplo AI reinvents the hiring process by bridging companies and professionals through job simulations. Our platform empowers candidates to showcase their real-world skills and employers to discover talent that truly aligns with their needs. This transformative approach ensures a more precise, insightful, and equitable hiring experience. Here’s how it works:

For Companies: Create Job Simulations

Discover Job-Specific Talent: Develop job simulations that accurately reflect the roles and culture within your organization. These simulations offer a real-world glimpse into how candidates handle specific job-related tasks, enabling you to identify talent that is perfectly aligned with your company’s needs and values.

For Candidates: Engage in Real-World Simulations

Showcase Your Potential: Participate in simulations that mirror actual workplace scenarios. This approach goes beyond traditional learning methods, equipping you with the advanced, job-relevant skills needed for your dream role. Demonstrate your abilities and problem-solving skills in a practical, dynamic environment.

Mutual Discovery: Connect and Thrive

Connect with Your Ideal Match: Completing the job simulations not only showcases candidates’ dedication and skills but also significantly increases their visibility among potential employers. Conversely, companies can easily identify and connect with talent that has demonstrated a strong fit for their specific needs. This results in a more informed and efficient hiring process for both parties.

This is how everybody wins!




What candidates say


Bo Fierkens

The platform allowed me to demonstrate my problem-solving skills in realistic scenarios. This experience helped me showcase my capabilities in a way that a traditional CV never could, making a significant impact on potential employers.


Dennis Warmelink

Engaging with actual business challenges on Deeplo AI was enlightening. It not only helped me explore various roles but also gave me a clear understanding of what the real job entails, guiding me towards a career that truly resonates with my skills and passions.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-21 at 14.09.25

Tonian Campbell

Exploring various roles through Deeplo AI’s simulations was eye-opening. It helped me understand where my true interests and strengths lie, guiding me toward the right career path in an industry that genuinely excites me.

Find exceptional talent through top - tier skill assessments and realistic job simulations.

Enhance your hiring decisions and boost confidence in candidate selection with Deeplo AI’s comprehensive skill evaluation and practical job simulation tools.

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