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The struggle for finding niche talent is real

Close the skill gap

87% of the companies are either experiencing skill gaps now, or expect them within a few years, due to the technological trends.

First train, then hire

According to the 66% of the companies, the most common tactic for addressing skill gaps over the past five years has been hiring, followed by skill-building.

Prevent misalignment

Almost 30% of job seekers have left a job within the first 90 days of starting, indicating a misalignment between the candidate and the employer.

Employer branding

67% of employers believe retention rates would be higher if candidates had a picture of what to expect about working at the company before taking the job

Attract Gen Z

72% of Gen Z wants to start their own business, and only 16% would prefer to work in a corporate environment.

Reduce hiring costs

50% cost-per-hire savings is associated with a strong employer brand. A strong employer brand has been shown to reduce recruitment costs.

How does it work?

Companies can easily replicate the work at their organization through virtual experience programs to attract and train future employees.


Inspire future talents by leveraging powerful employer branding through VXP programs. Demonstrate to potential candidates what it’s like to work for your company before they even apply. 


Train candidates by assigning challenges and projects that replicate the real tasks at your company. Help them understand what skills and expertise are expected of them for the position. By teaching them now, you shorten the onboarding process if they do end up getting hired. 


Track the candidates who have applied to your programs, assess their qualities, gain access to a diverse pool of niche talent in the tech field. 

Gain access to a diverse pool of highly skilled tech professionals.

We have a growing number of platform users from all around the world, who are specialized in the tech field, seeking out new career opportunities.

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