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Deeplo AI’s innovative assessments streamline your hiring by pinpointing top talent quickly and fairly, ensuring candidates’ skills shine beyond their resumes.


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The struggle for finding the right talent is real

Bias in Hiring

Bias in traditional hiring practices can overlook talented candidates due to unconscious preferences. Deeplo AI addresses this by prioritizing job simulations over resumes, ensuring skills and potential are the focus, leading to fairer and more effective hiring.

Poor Job-Candidate Fit

Poor hiring decisions can result in mismatches between a candidate's skills and job expectations, evident post-hire. This often leads to reduced productivity and higher turnover. Deeplo AI combats this with job simulations, offering a realistic assessment of skills, ensuring alignment with the role and reducing hiring errors.

Screening Inefficiency

HR managers often face the challenge of time-consuming resume reviews and interviews that don't fully capture a candidate's abilities. Deeplo AI streamlines this with job simulations, efficiently showcasing real-world skills, ensuring only the best-suited candidates reach the interview stage.

Cut Through the Clutter of Conventional Hiring

Resumes and interviews often paint a partial picture. Our job simulations offer a clear lens into a candidate’s actual abilities. You’ll see them in action, tackling real tasks that matter to your business. It’s practical, no-nonsense, and highly revealing.

Pinpoint Accuracy in Skill Evaluation

 At Deeplo AI, we recognize the importance of assessing job-specific skills. Our simulations are meticulously designed to target the core competencies and technical skills essential for each role. Whether it’s coding prowess for a developer, strategic thinking for a marketing role, or problem-solving abilities in management positions, our simulations provide a precise measure of each candidate’s aptitude.

Bias-Free, Data-Driven Hiring

Move beyond gut feelings and into the realm of objective, performance-based assessments. Our job simulations level the playing field and provide you with concrete data to make informed decisions.

Efficient Collaboration, Customized Results

With just a short collaborative session with your team, we tailor simulations to the nuances of your specific roles. This ensures that every assessment is relevant, challenging, and reflective of the actual tasks the candidate will encounter in their potential position.

How does it work?

Companies can easily replicate the work at their organization through job simulations to attract and train future employees.


Inspire future talents by leveraging powerful employer branding through job simulations. Demonstrate to potential candidates what it’s like to work for your company before they even apply. 


Train candidates by assigning challenges and projects that replicate the real tasks at your company. Help them understand what skills and expertise are expected of them for the position. By teaching them now, you shorten the onboarding process if they do end up getting hired. 


Track the candidates who have applied to your programs, assess their qualities, gain access to a diverse pool of niche talent in the tech field. 

Gain access to a diverse pool of highly skilled tech professionals.

We have a growing number of platform users from all around the world, who are specialized in the tech field, seeking out new career opportunities.

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