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Python Backend Developer

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About this simulation

Welcome to the immersive job simulation for the Python Backend Engineer role at Codebeez. This experience is designed to showcase your technical skills and problem-solving abilities in a dynamic environment reflective of our workplace. At Codebeez, we value hands-on experience and practical skills over traditional resumes, and this simulation is a testament to that philosophy.


You will engage in tasks mirroring real-life challenges, using frameworks like FastAPI, Django, and Flask, and demonstrating your expertise in Python development. This is not just a test but an opportunity for you to experience the essence of working at Codebeez, where innovation, collaboration, and growth are at the heart of everything we do.


We’re excited to see how you tackle these challenges and potentially join our hive of dedicated problem solvers. Welcome to a journey where your technical prowess can truly shine!

In this simulation, designed for the role of Python Backend Engineer, we focus on evaluating three key areas:

Your responsibilities

Your application process

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What will you do in this
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Program Modules

Job simulation Explanation

  • Welcome and Introduction

Task 1: Client Interaction and Team Fit (20 minutes)

Task 2: Code Analysis and Modernization Plan (30 minutes)

Task 3: Coding Task – Feature Enhancement or Refactoring (30 minutes)

Final Test ( 10 min )

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