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€372 - €450

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Marketing and Branding Intern

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About the program

At Deeplo AI, we champion the notion that genuine talent is not just about credentials on paper. We recognize the predicament fresh graduates often encounter: how to shine amidst a sea of seemingly identical qualifications. Our platform is tailored to address this very conundrum, ensuring candidates are gauged on their tangible skills rather than just academic accolades.


As a Marketing & Branding Intern at Deeplo AI, you’re diving into a confluence of creativity and innovation. We’re pioneers in the hiring domain, fueled by a vision of seamless, impactful, and impartial recruitment processes. Our aspiration? To redefine the art of identifying talent, guaranteeing impeccable alignment between aspirants and enterprises.


By embarking on this simulation journey, you’re not merely showcasing your skills; you’re delineating your distinctiveness. In a realm where many graduates might appear homogenous on paper, our program offers you an avenue to flaunt your distinct flair and prowess, emphasizing your capabilities over conventional qualifications.


Partner with us in reshaping the recruitment paradigm. With Deeplo AI, it’s about celebrating authentic talent and ensuring every aspirant receives a just opportunity. As a Marketing & Branding Intern, you’ll be instrumental in this transformative endeavor, solidifying the idea that you are, indeed, more than mere text on a document.

This job simulation program is designed to assess three key skills that are crucial for the Marketing and Branding Intern role:

Your responsibilities

Tools that you'll use at the job (Flexible)

  • Design Platforms: Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, and AI design tools.
  • Social Media Tools: Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.
  • Marketing Analytics: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc.
  • Content Aids: Lumen5 (video), ChatGPT (writing).
  • Trend Analysis: Google Trends, SEMrush.
  • Email Platforms: Mailchimp, SendinBlue.

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Mehmet Dogan

Deeplo AI

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What will you do in this Marketing and Branding Intern
Job Simulation?

Program Modules

Job simulation Explanation

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Task 1: AI-Driven Branding Design

Task 2: Social Media Content Creation

Task 3: Marketing Strategy Pitch

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