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Business Development Intern

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At Deeplo AI, we firmly believe that skills speak louder than words on a resume. We understand that fresh graduates often face the challenge of distinguishing themselves when, on paper, everyone seems to have similar qualifications. Our platform seeks to address this very challenge, ensuring that each candidate is assessed on their actual abilities and not just their academic achievements.


As a Sales Intern with Deeplo AI, you’re stepping into an environment where innovation meets passion. We are at the forefront of the hiring landscape, driven by a vision of efficient, effective, and equitable recruitment. Our goal? To revolutionize the way talent is recognized and to ensure a perfect fit between candidates and companies.


By participating in this simulation, you’re not just proving your skills; you’re also setting yourself apart from the crowd. In a world where many graduates might “look the same” on paper, our program gives you the chance to showcase your unique abilities and potential, focusing on what you can do and not just what you’ve studied.



Join us in transforming the hiring process. With Deeplo AI, it’s about recognizing true potential and ensuring every candidate gets a fair shot. As a Sales Intern, you’ll play a pivotal role in that mission, while demonstrating that you’re more than just words on a resume.

This job simulation program is designed to assess two key skills that are crucial for the Business Developer Intern role:

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  • No prior health knowledge is required or assumed
  • A digital food scale will help but is not required

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Job Simulation?

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